Renewable Energy Storage Battery

If you are choosing storage battery to store the renewable energy from solar panel, wind or turbo, Maxdura has ultimate options for you. For commercial and industrial ,FCP500 / FCP1000 batteries.For household ,DCS 12 volt lightweight battery.

Integrated carbon into the lead for the FCP series of batteries and DCS 12 volt lightweight battery .  And creating a battery that requires zero maintenance.  Long-life design from 10 to 15 years.  100% recyclable energy storage systems.  Maxdura takes care of your battery, from install, to end of life.  Meaning we take a no-worries approach seriously.  Long-life, double that of conventional batteries, how’s 3000 to 4500 cycles sound to you?  Cycle-life equals money in your pocket.  It’s time to call Maxdura Battery.

We’re excited to introduce the FCP500 / FCP1000 batteries.
The ultimate battery, for industry, rail, and telecom.  For all of you home and cottage people, we didn’t forget about you either.

We present the DCS 12 volt lightweight battery. We’re asked, “what are some of the advantages of our new battery?”. High performance.  Corrosion resistance alloys.  Utilizing the latest cutting edge technology from Japan.


1. What are the safety advantages of Maxdura line of batteries?

Our batteries have a longer cycle life over that of conventional lead-acid batteries.  A longer cycle life equals value for money.  Maxdura Batteries can operate in both cold and hot environments.  Well above the standard 28 degrees maximums of most conventional batteries.  Our batteries are sealed, non-spill designed, equals a safer working and operations environment.  Lighter, portable, and modular design, and easy to handle and install, saving space.

2. Another question frequently asked is, “What size and capacity of a battery would I need to install a Maxdura Battery in my home?”

Well that depends on the size of the home, and if you live in cold or hot weather environment.  Or both.  And also, are you using solar, wind generator systems to charge up your battery?  The average home needs a 48 volt, 4 killowatt hour battery system.  Taking into account that most new homes are already rated energy efficient.

3. Where do you recommend your battery should be installed?

Maxdura batteries can be installed almost anywhere.  Indoors, basements, outdoors, shelters.  Maxdura can always help guide you once we know your specific needs.

4. What will it cost to buy a battery system for my home?

Once again that also depends.  Maxdura has a number of different battery options, at varying price points, designed for your budget.  Call us at anytime to create a system to meet your home’s needs.

5. Is there alot of maintenance to do when I purchase a Maxdura Battery?

The simple answer is, “No!”.  Maxdura offers you a maintenance-free battery, directly shipped to you.

6. What is the life of a Maxdura Battery?

Maxdura batteries are designed for long life.  We offer batteries that exceed 4200 cycles, on a 70% depth of discharge.  You’re looking at 15 years minimum, which equals an excellent investment.

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